Freelance writer serving non-profits, animal welfare groups, EMS, law enforcement, military, and businesses by highlighting their strengths and commitment through well written, researched and focused publications.

“Everyone has a story. It is my job to listen to your story and present it in such a way to others that it is believable, credible, and truthful. Working together, we will gain their trust, spark their curiosity and build your business.”

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I started writing for local newspapers as a teenager. Later, I wrote for local and national magazines to include legal publications. Solid research and interview skills make no topic too difficult, and no one is unapproachable. To bring a story to life for others is an art and my passion.

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Experience and education are never a waste of time. I possess a background in EMS, law enforcement, and risk management. A business administration degree and paralegal education added to my understanding of business and legal research. I covered EMS topics for JEMS Magazine. My article on natural gas explosions gained national attention. Other articles included the importance of tactical medicine response, and the dangers of rave parties. I wrote for Law Officer Magazine on UAV (drone) usage in law enforcement, underwater forensics, and ballistics. These articles all involved in-depth research and interviews with senators, city officials, and business executives.

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Everyone has a niche. My niche involved writing about dogs and human interest stories. My articles enveloped the field of working dogs, service dogs, animal shelters, rescue organization, and nonprofit. The Seeing Eye, Canine Partners for Life, Leader Dog, Susquehanna Service Dogs, Canine Companions for Independence, Red Paw, PACT for Animals, Berks Canine Search and Heaven Scent Search and Rescue welcomed the publicity. Stories addressed service specialties, legal issues, and prison puppy training programs. I delivered the heroic story of K-9, Jynx, after he pulled his slain handler to safety. Jynx’s actions healed a community. This led to an interview with Michael Hingson, a survivor of the World Trade Center attacks. His guide dog, Roselle, led him and thirty others down 1463 steps to safety. I uncovered untold stories of those in my community. One involved a man who helped bring an end to the Cold War. Another followed a blue collar man from Pennsylvania to the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst where he solely represented the US Army.

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  • Identify a unique selling proposition
  • Create tangible, valued benefits
  • Create a picture for your audience
  • Maintain credibility

“To be believable, we must be credible; to be credible, we must be truthful.”

Edward R. Murrow

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