So, who am I?

I am Gailynne Ferguson.  I grew up with my three older brothers in S.E. Pennsylvania.  My brother Kyle and I were best friends, and I followed his lead by volunteering with our local emergency services starting at age 13.  I went on to achieve my certification as an Emergency Medical Technician and volunteered with two local ambulance services and a fire/rescue company throughout high school before entering law enforcement.

I still live in S. E. Pennsylvania and have been married for 31 years to my best friend and have had several rescue dogs over the years.  Little did I know at the time how valuable the training and experiences I gained early in life would benefit me in my later years.  After exiting law enforcement, I decided to use these skills to be the sole EMS trainer for a world headquarters chemical R & D facility where I continued to learn about crisis management as it pertained to chemicals and transport and wrote training manuals for the emergency response team.  I later returned to college and received my BA in Business Administration and then, attended Villanova University for my ABA paralegal certificate.

I am a self-taught writer that falls back on the networks I have created over the years to ensure my articles are factual, current and my sources are credible.  I started freelance writing for newspapers when I was 19 and over the years, have developed a style that allows the reader to become educated on various topics I address.  I have written on numerous topics with an emphasis on emergency response and the human-animal bond, specifically rescues and agencies providing canine support for disabilities.   

Though I always had employment elsewhere for financial security, like most people, I also had dreams.  Mine was to someday have a writing career. I used the pandemic to start focusing seriously on the topics of content writing and copywriting.  My freelance writing over the years coupled with my unique background has allowed me to land numerous remote writing assignments on topics I had little knowledge on when first assigned.  Through national interviews and research, I successfully wrote for numerous newspapers, Law Officer Magazine, lawoffficer.com, jems.com, published my own newsletter to promote animal canine welfare and served as a contributing writer for a historical book.  My articles benefited several non-profit agencies like The Seeing Eye, Canine Partners for Life, Leader Dog, PACT for Animals, Grey Muzzle Manor, Berks Animal Rescue League, Berks Humane Society, Montgomery County SPCA and The Legal Clinic for the Disabled by highlighting their adoptable animals, services offered to those with disabilities or our military and opened doors for the reader to understand and pursue assistance for their own needs.  The articles also helped readers realize the importance for these agencies in their communities.

I am always excited to write on new topics.  To present my best work for others, I educate myself on the topic as much as I can.  I will become a trusted source for the reader on any topic I write about.

Not bad for a self-taught writer, but now the time has come for a new direction to follow my dream.


If I sound like someone you would want to work with, go ahead and click on the button below to go to my contact form.  Complete the form and you will receive an email immediately with the next steps.  I am excited for the chance to work with you.

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