FERGIE’S FRIENDS ADDED TO NEWSLETTERS 11/08/2021 -Welcome to Fergie’s Friends – A place for everything animal related, from animal welfare groups, animals in the spotlight, veterinary care, sanctuaries, working and service dogs, organizations, books and legal issues to name a few topics. Today’s newsletter highlights SILVER LININGS SANCTUARY.


Eye in the Sky

Increased use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s or drones) provides benefits to emergency services. Despite new legal challenges, law enforcement, search and rescue, SWAT, and fire departments have embraced this new tool.

Police Divers & Underwater Investigations

After reading about several incidents occurring throughout the United States in which evidence and bodies were being discarded in water and the ever rising threat of underwater terrorism looming after 9/11, I approached Law Officer Magazine for another story in an effort to help smaller departments throughout the United States understand what is entailed in underwater forensics so that the evidence can be preserved and gathered appropriately for prosecutions. Interviewing specialists from Massachusetts to Florida served as a wealth of information and the cooperation from the agencies was amazing.


EMS Disaster Preparedness for Natural Gas Explosions

Natural gas explosions occur too often in the United States. Allentown, Pennsylvania experienced the worst explosion in their history on February 10, 2011. The explosion affected six city blocks, damaged 47 homes, destroyed 10 city homes, left five dead, six injured and 500 people evacuated. Emergency responders trained on response procedures to gas emergencies with local natural gas utility companies. Through extensive research and interviews, the article addressed the severity of the nation’s failing infrastructure. Firefighter Nation recommended this for inclusion to Pipeline Emergency Planning & Response Tools.


PACT for Animals

Deployment for service to our country should never mean surrendering their best friend but many service members of the Pennsylvania National Guard were unaware that a program existed to help them with fostering their pets. Through interviews with Buzz Miller, attorney and founder of PACT for Animals, Brigadier General John Gronski and numerous pet foster families…service members were quickly learning of this service and utilizing social media to help them connect. Today, service members and foster families haves safe ways to ensure for the safety and well-being of their pet allowing them to focus on the task at hand without worry for their furry, feathered or scaly family members.

Service Dog Agencies, Shelters, Working dogs

Dogs have always held a special place in my heart. This sample is only the beginning of a very long series that covered The Seeing Eye, Leader Dog, Canine Partners for Life, Canine Companions for Independence, and Susquehanna Service Dogs. Other articles have followed shelters, animals in need, and hero dogs. (Additional samples available upon request.)


Breed Profiling

With pit bulls having such a bad reputation, shelters were finding themselves overwhelmed with the “bully breed”, but it was not the fault of the dog. It was fault of the owners. As a way to help the shelters, it was imperative to educate the public about one of history’s most loyal breeds. Today, the once condemned pit bull now serves several communities to help enforce the law.

His work helped save the world

Everyone has a story to tell if we are willing to listen. To my surprise, talking to an elderly woman in a grocery store uncovered a magnificent story of her husband’s contribution to ending the Cold War which she knew nothing about until the US government declassified his work.

CONTRIBUTING AUTHOREarly Beginnings of Newtown Square & Self Guided Tour of Historic Sites

While working at ARCO Chemical Company World Headquarters, I was approached by the Newtown Square Historical Society to help uncover the history of the Ellis School for Girls which once owned the acreage that Arco Chemical Company and later SAP America were located.


Dr. Halbert Fillinger, late Philadelphia and Montgomery County Coroner who spoke for the dead, despite political pressure to turn the other cheek.

Kyle J. Lesher, late Berks County Sheriff’s Deputy killed in a 2010 fiery car crash.


Welcome to Fergie’s Friends – A place for everything animal related, from animal welfare groups, animals in the spotlight, veterinary care, sanctuaries, working and service dogs, organizations, books and legal issues to name a few topics.

Paws for a Cause

Though only three newsletters were produced, this newsletter was meant to highlight current legal issues, shelters/rescues, events and recommended readings in the canine world.

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