I first met Gailynne Ferguson in 2015 when she contacted me about doing a story on the drone program I had founded at the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado, in 2008.  The program was one of the first in the nation and had attracted the attention of a wide range of media from National Geographic (March 2013) to Time Magazine (February 11, 2013), amongst others, as well as numerous TV news organizations.  The idea of a police organization adopting drone technology was a hot topic at the time, and for good reason.  Gailynne’s first story published in Law Officer Magazine (February 2015) and to this day is one of my favorites.  I have it on my wall at home.  Gailynne’s professionalism, thoroughness and obvious preparation did not go unnoticed amongst all the media I had done at the time.  Today, my career has brought me to the forefront of wildland fire technology as the Director for the Center of Excellence for Advanced Technology Aerial Firefighting and I’ve had the pleasure of, once again, being interviewed by Gailynne for an article on our current projects.  In a time of fast and sometimes thin journalism, Gailynne is thorough, prepared and accurate.

Benjamin Miller, Section Chief, Director for the Center of Excellence for Advanced Technology Aerial Firefighting

You don’t know how much John & I appreciated you writing the article and having it published. It meant a lot to him to get the recognition after so many years of hard work. Our children and I are very proud of his accomplishments and the article you wrote was fantastic. Our son has been in touch with Drexel and the curator from the Smithsonian in regard to the book. We thank you for starting the process, without you, John would have never gotten the recognition. Thank you again for your effort and caring.

Irene & John Segletes June 8, 2012

Gailynne Ferguson, is a talented and creative technical writer.  Her knowledge and ability as a  journalist is without question more than excellent! Her ability to interpret critical information was not only extremely accurate, but draws in any reader’s interest, through her ability to convey objective information in a clear and concise manner. I was among several SCUBA  professionals from different areas of expertise that she “set out” to inform her of the proper procedures and protocols within this type of investigation technique. The article she produced described the methods of  processing an Underwater Crime Scene, along with the technical aspects, and considerations needed to work professionally, and thoroughly for a successful and accurate investigation.  I look forward to working with her in the future, and I urge you to seriously consider her for any articles and interviews for your future publications.

Brett Galambos  M.Ed.,MSDI, LGI     SCUBA and Aquatics Supervision Expert Witness
Robson Forensic-Lancaster Office

Gailynne worked as a freelance reporter for The Community Connection during my tenure as Managing Editor. Not only could I count on her to come to me with new and innovative ideas for stories, but I also knew that the information in the story would be thoughtful, interesting, and above all, accurate.

Gailynne has the unique ability to take the reader on a journey with her. She’s passionate about animals – a passion that reflects in her writing. From beginning to end, her pieces darw the reader in and keep them invested.

I’m personally looking forward to reading Gailynne’s work again and am confident that she’ll be gaining legions of fans along the way.

Sue Erickson, Supervisor – Pipeline Operations/NJ (former Managing Editor, The Community Connection)

I had the pleasure of working with Gailynne shortly after a complicated and internationally publicized public disaster event. Her professionalism and understanding of the limits I had in what I could and could not speak about allowed me to accurately tell the story in a way she could write about it and bring it to life. I would recommend Gailynne to anyone who needs to take a complex story or set of events and have it told so that people would understand and appreciate it.

David Van Allen, entrepreneurial sophophile business exec-tech geek (former Director of EMS, Allentown, PA)

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