Compassion Fatigue and Veterinary Suicide Part 1: A Tragic Reality of the Profession

Part 1: From the James Herriot Effect to a crisis. Veterinarians and their staff face increasing mental health challenges. I recently came across an article called Not One More Vet – The Tragic Reality of Veterinary Suicide by Dr. Alex Avery. I cried as I listened to his podcast on mental health issues in theContinue reading “Compassion Fatigue and Veterinary Suicide Part 1: A Tragic Reality of the Profession”

Compassion in Action

Silver Linings Sanctuary There is no doubt that the eyes are the window to the soul, and for animals, it is also their way to connect and communicate in the word around them. It is their own language where they have learned to convey love, sadness, pain, fear, shame, wants and needs. Understanding their eyes,Continue reading “Compassion in Action”

The power of newsletters for non-profits

In my last post, I discussed the pandemic and how it has affected small businesses and non-profits. Before giving up, I discussed how rebranding the business and notifying customers of the change may be able to the salvage the investment already made into the business and if the pandemic had a budgetary impact, the easiestContinue reading “The power of newsletters for non-profits”